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  1. Cool Flash Wallpapers And Screensavers;

    Cool animated flash files as wallpapers and screensavers

    These files are flash files(.swf files) and they are animated and really beautiful. They work on any flash supported mobile phone. I have tested them all on my nokia 5300 and they work fine. You can use them as your wallpaper and screensaver. I have included about 60 animated flash files in these 3 packs. Feel free to download them and use them. Just unrar them and copy them to your phone.

    List of Flash Lite enabled Nokia phones

    3109 Classic 3110 Classic 3120 Classic 3250 3500 Classic 3555 3600 Slide 3610 Fold
    5130 XpressMusic 5200 5220 XpressMusic 5300 5310 XpressMusic 5320XpressMusic 5320 XpressMusic NA 5500 5610 XpressMusic 5700 XpressMusic 5800 XpressMusic
    6085 6086 6120 Classic 6121 Classic 6124 Classic 6125 6126 6131 6131 NFC
    6133 6136 6151 6210 Navigator 6212 Classic 6220 Classic 6233 6260 Slide
    6263 6267 6290 6300 6300i 6301 6500 Classic 6500 Slide 6555 6600 Fold
    6600 Slide 6650
    7210 Supernova 7310 Supernova 7373 7390 7500 Prism 7510 Supernova
    7610 Supernova 7900 Prism
    8600 Luna 8800 Arte 8800 Carbon Arte 8800 Scirocco
    E50 E51 E60 E61 E61i E62 E63 E65 E66 E66 NAM E70 E71 E71 NAM
    E90 Communicator
    N71 N73 N75 N76 N77 N78 N78 NAM N79 N80 N81 N81 8GB N82 N85 N91
    N91 8GB N92 N93 N93i N95 N95 8GB N95 8GB NAM N95 NAM N96 N96 NAM

    List of Flash Lite enabled Sony Ericsson phones

    K530i K600 K600c K600i K606c K606i K608c K608i K610iM K630 K660 K790a K790c K790i K800c K800i K850c K850i
    W350 W380 W550c W550i W580c W580i W595 W595a W595c W600c W600i W610i W660i W700c W700i W710i W710c W712a W760 W810i W830c W830i W850i W880i W888c W890i W898c W900i W902 W908c W910i W980i
    C702 C702a C702c C902 C902c C905 C905a C905c G502
    S500c S500i T650i T650c V600c V600i V640i V800i / Vodafone 802SE Z555a Z555i Z710c Z710i Z750 Z770 Z780 802SE

    BREW handsets that can support the Adobe Flash Lite for BREW extension

    LG :
    VX5300 VX8700 VX8100 VX8300 VX8350 VX8500 VX8600 VX9400 VX9800 VX9900

    Motorola :

    Samsung :
    SCH-U740 SCH-A930 SCH-A950 SCH-A970 SCH-A990

    Visit all the pages of this thread for more swf files and i'll keep updating this thread whenever i get time. Don't forget to rep all those who have contributed here.

    More files --> Log in to see links
    (thanks to Duje)

    More files --> Log in to see links
    (thanks to Paul)

    Flash games-->Log in to see links
    (thanks to Aniket and Ana[SeaGoddess])

    For a detailed manual on which phones support Flashlite, download the following rar file and extract the pdf file which contains a detailed list of all phones with their features.

    Download : Flashlite_phones.rar
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