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  1. Smile

    Just try this one out......

    Works on Flash enabled Nokia phones. Can't say about other models.

    Pictures of Flowers change continuously. Also depending upon the time of the day, you will get different beautiful suggestive icons on the top right hand corner.
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    Thanks for the file to share!

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    Yeah same here...
    We have the same issues...

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    Multicolored Eye

    Description: Various color changes occur in this flash file


    Download: MulticoloredEye.swf

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    Good stuff, Dip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_dead_man Log in to see links
    yeah!! just unrar and copy only the .swf files to your phone!!
    pls wats d best way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris56011 Log in to see links
    pls wats d best way
    What do you mean?

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    omg, It's cool but slow down my phone

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