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    ,swf files require flash player to functi0n, dats what i know, make sure you have the right version of flash.

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    ,i have pre installed flash game 0n my 3120 c but everytime i download flash games and apps, it says file n0t supported. Pls help
    , and is there a way i can see what versi0n of flash my ph0ne supports??

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    i miss this thread, now i'm back....

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    gr8 to a senior citizen its wonderful keep up the good work

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    Does anyone happen to know some flash games for use with a touchscreen phone? and if possible, at 240x400 resolution?

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    Could any one make a animated windows 7 one? i would realy like that on my phone!



    we all are the same FTW!!!

    so windows 7 back ground with some realy nice dark bleu neon with dark green glow with clock and date would also be nice
    pretty please !!

    Also ive been checking for my phone e75 but i can only use it as screensaver not as wallpaper? any ideas?
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    Thank you

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    more 320x240 flash please....

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    Hello deadman(Dip) which pack contains 320x240 .swf wallpapers?

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    Hey do you think these will work on my Samsung S5233A? They look impressive.. ^_^

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