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  1. Default transformers transforming mp3 ringtone

    can i have a ringtone of this kind? thanks in advance

  2. Default

    thank you mr. tarzan!! I downloaded it all!! I really appreciate it!

    Can I have a request one more time? The TRANSFORMING sound of the transformers.

  3. Default Reaquest

    Hi obengski,
    thanks for your reply.

    Transformers - The Album is a compilation album of various artists music from the upcoming live-action Transformers movie to be released on July 3, 2007. The first official single is "Before It's Too Late" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

    # Title Performer(s)
    1 "What I've Done" Linkin Park
    2 "Doomsday Clock" Smashing Pumpkins
    3 "This Moment" Disturbed
    4 "Before It's Too Late (Sam and Mikaela's Theme) Goo Goo Dolls
    5 "Pretty Handsome Awkward" The Used
    6 "Passion's Killing Floor" HIM
    7 "What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost?" Taking Back Sunday
    8 "Second To None" Styles Of Beyond
    9 "End Of The World" Armor For Sleep
    10 "Retina And The Sky" Idiot Pilot
    11 "Technical Difficulties" Julien-K
    12 "Transformers Theme" Mute Math

    I have done "Transformers Theme".
    Can you tell me what is the song that you need, please?

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    try to listen to this one mr tarzan. Now, I'm finding a better quality than this one so if you have one kindly post it for me please....

  5. Default

    Now I understand.
    You are finding a sound effect.

    I'm sorry, but in Italy i will see the movie next week and i don't understand you before.

    Now i try to find it.

  6. Default thank you so much mr tarzan

    thank you thank you so much for your concern.

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    thank man!!!!!!!

  8. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by obengski View Post
    thank you thank you so much for your concern.
    try downloading transformers at [URL Removed]
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  9. Default

    anyone? do you already have this kind of ringtone? anyone

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