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  1. Default Review: Ancient Games

    Ancient Games
    Mobile Game Review

    Ancient Games
    Developer: Mayhem Studio
    Publisher: Mayhem Studios
    Release Date: 18/07/08
    Format: J2ME
    Game Features: Classic Olympic events, Horizontal screen option
    Reviewed on: SE K800i


    In the Olympic year, you will play to beat all records. Contest in several Olympic Games with your character. Enjoy the different sports in an event that can only be lived every four years. Enjoy the different sports in an event that can only be lived every four years. Player can their favourite character to compete in different tests choosing ďTournament ModeĒ or ďTraining ModeĒ.


    Sorry for the wait, but Iíve been really busy these past few weeks, enough about me, letís talk about the review, Ancient Games is up for slaughter this time around, but can it save itself, well with me playing it probably not, but it can try...

    With the game being called Ancient Games you would expect the game to be set in Ancient Greece, and guess what... It is so no surprises there. If you have seen any screenshots of this game you may have looked at them and thought... Well this looks a bit rubbish, well I can safely say it isnít... Well graphically any way, the screenshots do this game no justice, the cartoon style graphics suit this game well, itís not just graphically where this game shows its beauty, itís also with its animations, there has been a huge amount of detail used in the animation, for example if you commit too many fouls, faults whatever they are called in the Olympics, the referees with taunt you by blowing raspberries at you, itís just a nice little touch that really adds to the game.
    In all there are seven different events in the game, but really when you look at it there are only two tournament mode and practise where you get a chance to practise each event of separately. The 100m dash is really the event for the button bashers out there, it works by pressing the Ď5í button as fast as you can, but and this is a big but, you have to time your presses to perfection, what I mean is when your runners feet touch the ground thatís when you press 5, and the reward for getting the time right is a nice little speed boost to help you pull away from your rivals. The other event use the same template as the 100m dash, apart from The Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump and Javelin, but not to worry all that is added is just second button so nothing too complicated, there may be a third button added but honestly I canít remember, some of the other events include 50m Freestyle Swimming and 110m Hurdles, but there is one event with doesnít follow the same format as the others and thatís the Shooting, but again nothing too complicated, basically all youíll have to do is press the keys that pop up onto the screen to hit the clay pigeons, well I say clay pigeons, really itís flying pottery.
    The nicest touch that is offered from the game is the ability to flip the screen 90 degrees so you play it by holding the mobile phone horizontally. Since the controls are so simple this works beautifully and shows off the graphics to even greater effect.
    Iím not going to lie, this game doesnít offer anything new, and well this isnít going to knock the Playman series of the top spot, but it offers something different in the form of being Ancient, but thatís really it in offering something new, but by keeping the game simple, theyíve made the game enjoyable to play and not frustrating in the slightest.


    So the game isnít going to revolutionise the genre, but what the game was set out to do, it does, itís enjoyable enough to keep you playing for a few days, but that probably it.
    To be honest itís a good game, but not as good as Playman.


    Graphics: 7/10
    Great animations, nice cartoon style graphics

    Good sound effects

    Fun, Nice and simple

    Not much of a story

    Overall Score: 7.5 out of 10
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    don't really like it but
    review is good

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    i think the game s**ks, but the review is as good as ever

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    i really did not like this game!! the playman games are much better
    anyways great review aaron!!!

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    Next review

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    (please don't talk about the game in this thread )

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    Alright I've changed my mind...

    Next review

    Spore Origins

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    i m a fan of undertaker too

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    Quote Originally Posted by junjian1996 Log in to see links
    i m a fan of undertaker too

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    Excellent review, hate the game.......

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    Good review, some cool stuff in the game, but still not very good.

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