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    i have the same problem help !!!

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    Default Samsung j700

    HI, iv'e got this phone but need games, themes, videos, and application for this phone but don't know were to download it from and what file it is.

    please help me out

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    This also happened when i install games on my phone. Can somebody help please...

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    Yah .. I Know .. Alot's Of Samsung Can't Download Alots Of Cool Games ... Most Of Samsung Phone Even Some 3G phones Cant

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    samsungs are terrible for gaming...
    If you want to play games and well buy a se or nokia

    Unfortunatly there is no way to fix this. Only a few games will work and before they do you have to enter a code

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    no actually on samsungs of g series can be normally installed both java and symbian i know cause my friend has that phone but you probably tested some game that is not for your phone your resolution is 352x416
    and another thing that mobile became very cheap in my country even thought of 5mpx camera cause it is said it has a lot of bugs in system and that it can crash easily

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    i have this phone too.
    i have not come across any themes for it yet.
    but any 128x160 game should work on it just fine.
    as for the apps, i'm not too sure.

    hope that helps. x

  8. Default cant find jad or jar file with samsung java uploader

    finally found the jad file for the game i was looking for but now java samsung uploader is giving me problems. i do PPP up, then USB, then load the game from java uploader by doing serial download. but every time i try this the phone retarts itself? whats the problem and anybody happen to know how to fix this.

    any help is appreciated, many thanx.
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  9. Default samsung f480 games

    I need some games for my new samsung f480

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamidah View Post
    I need some games for my new samsung f480
    there is a thread for java touchscreen games in this category.use the search funtion to find the thread

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