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    I want avi video player for my samsung champ.

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    Can anyone help with my Samsung S5230? Whenever I open the radio, it says "Signal is too weak" and I cannot listen to it. I just hear scratches. Now, the signal is not a problem where I am. I use to open it in many cases where I am. My network's signal is even fine. I think its just the application. When I use a different phone the radio is fine. I was thinking maybe there is a Radio application I can install here? Or a way to update it, since my phone was bought abroad, maybe thats where the problem.
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    i need help about Mobile Ap. i can't share my wi-fi it says "DNS server fail". my phone is Samsung Galaxy SL

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    Hey I have the galaxy s and it only lets me download some books and says that it's no can I fix this?
    What is it that you want to install and you can't?

  5. Post Uploading help on Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

    Hi there, I've just tryed to upload an ebook from my samsung galaxy tablet and when I select the file to upload, it says I can only select files in my Gallery(pics)- Music and Sound Recorder. Does anyone know of a way to select a file from my Internal Memory or my External Memory Card? Or can I only upload off my pc? Any help with this would be great. Thanks.


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    I've downloaded games on the blackjack, but it's not in the games section. I have to go to JAVA and start the application from there.

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    how ca i log out my fb account in samsung galaxy pocket phone?

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    its strange problem

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    have you tried pulling the battery out with it on? It's called a soft reset and it might give your device the kick it needs to co-operate

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