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  1. Default Samsung Omnia Games

    Possible to upload some samsung omnia touchscreen games

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    look here

  3. Question What kind of games should i put on a Samsung u900 Soul

    hey everyone,

    I'm not good with putting Games on my Cell phone, but i really want to put The sims 2 on my Samsung U900 Soul, i don't know with screen resolution to choose and how to install it...

    Can some-one please help me?

    I haven't found a tutor for the Samsung u900 if you would help me i would really appreciate that!

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    I just watched a video on youtube telling you how to get the games you downloaded onto the Samsung Tocco to work.

    Get the games from here or 4share

  5. Default samsung file transfer software

    hi, i'm first time posting and a long time reader, anyway i have a samsung t456 gravity that is locked by rogers and i can't even assign my own ringtone my question is: is there a program or software that allow you to read the file in the phone like lg uses bitpim and motorola uses p2k command so u can put ur own ringtone. i was able to break the lg and install my own ringtone using bitpim and also the k1 krzr using p2k command it was so easy and worked like a charm. just wondering how come samsung does not do the same. any help will be greatly appreciated.

  6. Default How Do i Put games on SAMSUNG GRAVITY.

    I tried everything still cant get them to work. Anyone know how its done??

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    put them in other folder of your phone with usb, bluetooth or infrared but you might need .jad file besides .jar file but that's concerning java
    as for symbian and windows i don't know which your phone supports

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    any ideas you guys i know someone will have a clue. please

  9. Exclamation Do NESCube work on SAMSUNG??

    Hiya, my phone is SAMSUNG SGH-F250, Can i play NESCube with my damn phone???

    Please rep ASAP. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gearsofwars99 View Post
    Hiya, my phone is SAMSUNG SGH-F250, Can i play NESCube with my damn phone???

    Please rep ASAP. . .
    think yes

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