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  1. Default Samsung Mythic A897

    Wondering if anyone had the name of any sites you could download games for the A897 via its mobile web browser. I am new at this.

  2. Default

    Hello can anybody tell me the video specifications of samsung gt s5560--- like bitrate,frames/sec etc.

  3. Default

    mee too i all the apps that i download was not working my phone is samsung flight

  4. Default help

    hi, I have gt-s3353 phone, but when i tried to installed games, it shows "java error: content too large" anyone here have solutions? thanks..

  5. Default

    Try this:
    1) Go to keypad and type *#6984125*#
    2) Go to internals and type *#9072641*#
    3) Go to storage and update java and app. You might want to do this a few times cause it doesn’t always work….I usually do it 3 times and then it’s fine and the app/game will open.

    Happy to help
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  6. Default

    Hey I have the galaxy s and it only lets me download some books and says that it's no can I fix this?

  7. Question Can someone please help ?

    I have downloaded ringtones and wallpapers. and I can get the ringtones to my phone. but they save as music. How can I get them to my ringtones? Also how can I transfer wallpapers to my phone ? I have a Samsung intensity 2, u460. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  8. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    Did you try the search function?... because the tutorials have already been posted HERE
    ya it is .. i recommended this tooo
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  9. Question

    Can Samsung 4G infused At&T open jar files?
    How much it costs in the market these days?
    Which Phone would be better option and worthy? (no need good camera and NEED good connectivity)

    Thanks a millions thanks whoever answer the above questions
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  10. Default games for champ e2652

    Where can I find games for samsung champ e2652 ?

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