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  1. Default Nokia Firmware Debranding

    Basically, this guide will run you through the proceedure of removing the firmware restriction that is often put on Nokia contract handsets. After you have finished, you will be able to update to the latest vanilla flavoured Nokia firmware, without any ugly operator logos or backgrounds.


    Heads Up!
    This will only work on handsets with user upgradable firmware. Check these sites to see if your phone is in the list.

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    Warning: This process will void your warranty, wave goodbye to it.


    * Disclaimer:
    I provide this information with no guarantees. I wrote this guide based on work by other people, so it would be easier to understand for everyone, I take no credit for the actual discovery of this method. This information has been tried and tested by various other people with success. I accept no responsibility for any loss direct or otherwise.


    The Background:
    Every Nokia handset is produced with a product code. The product code is a 7 digit number begining with 05 (I.E 0536075). These 7 digits codes are made up of 4 different pieces of information.
    * The Model. (N95, N76 etc.)
    * The Appearance. (Black, Plum, Red etc.)
    * The Language/Region it was created for. (France, UK etc.)
    * The Network that customised it. (T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange etc.)

    The problem exists, that while a phone has a product code stating it is locked to a network, it will only accept that networks firmware. For example a N76 is locked to Vodafone, and while it had its original product code, it will only accept Vodafone firmware. What we intend to do, is change the product code, and trick the phone into thinking it is operator free and unlocked, so the Nokia Software Updater will apply which firmware you like.

    As long as you chose a product code for the same model without an operator lock, it will be fine. You can use one with a different colour or location, it does not matter. So you could use a product code for a Red N76 from Asia, for a Black N76 from the UK


    What You Need:

    Nokia Software Updater (NSU)
    Nemesis Service Suite
    GSM Magic (aka TNT Enforcer)

    Nokia Software Updater (NSU) - This is an application from nokia that allows users to update the firmware on their handsets without taking it to a service center. You can grab this application from one of the locations I posted above.

    Nemesis Service Suite - This is the application that will do all the tricky work. You can get hold of the latest version from Log in to see links.

    GSM Magic (a.k.a TNT Enforcer) - This is a handy little application that allows you to click on greyed out or disabled buttons in any application. For some reason this programme has become known as GSM Magic but is actually called TNT enforcer. You can grab it Log in to see links

    (Update at the time of writing I believe that the NSS has been changed under version such that TNT Enforcer is not required. you may want to download it anyway to be sure.)


    The Proceedure:

    01 - Assuming that all of the above has been downloaded and installed...

    Backup your Data!!!! Note the pcsuite and other nokia backup solutions will regard your unbranded handset as different from your branded one. so you will only be able to restore the data that you could to another handset, claendar, contacts, bookmarks etc. You will have to change the settings yourself.

    02 - Connect your phone via the appropriate cable.

    03 - Wait for windows to install all the necessary drivers. (Make sure Nokia PC Suite is closed)

    04 - Launch Nemesis Service Suite

    05 - Click the "'Scan for new device", upper right of window.

    06 - Click the "Phone Info" button on the main toolbar.

    07 - Click the "Scan" button on in the right of the new pane.

    08 - (If required,) Launch TNT Enforcer (Without closing NNS)

    09 - Click the enable text so it turns green.

    10 - Enter your chosen product code (Discussed below)in the "Product Code" box and tick "enable"

    11 - Press the "Write" button.

    12 - The phone's product code is now changed

    13 - Conirm this by reconnecting to NSS

    14 - You now simply have to close the open programmes and run the NSU, when the phone reboots it will have the new, unbranded firmware!!!

    15 - You can now restore your data

    16 - Launch Nokia Software Updater and update to your lovely new Nokia Firmware

    Should the worst happen and your phone fail to boot with your new firmware it's not all over. It's likely that you have used a product code that isn't compatible with your hardware. With many phones (symbian phones, 6120, N Series, E Series etc.) it is now possible to restore them to their original out of the box condition. To do this we use something called the 3 keys technique. This technique should only be used to reset a phone when no other method is available. This is a Hard reset.

    To reset using the three keys technique power off the phone, hold down the green call key, the number '3' key and the star '*' key. Then power on the phone. follow the on screen instructions.


    Product Codes:

    Now, finding an appropriate product code is the hard part.I'll list below all the product codes that i can but a good solution is to simply Google something like 'Nokia [model] unbranded product code' in my experience the best search term is:
    nokia [model] "unbranded" OR "generic" "product code" OR "productcode"

    Try searching for the following terms:
    * Nokia [Model] Unbranded ie;(Nokia N95 Unbranded)
    * Nokia [Model] Product Code ie;(Nokia 6630 Product Code)
    * Nokia [Model] Productcode ie;(Nokia N91 Productcode)
    * Nokia [Model] Generic ie;(Nokia N76 Generic)

    Hopefully this should turn up a few websites where people have posted product codes.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Default

    A few Product codes that i found on Google, Add to the list when you find them.




    0521637 Generic France



    0523737 Euro-1
    0524122 Australia, New Zealand / Stainless Silver & Black


    0527009: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Deep Plum)
    0527009: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Deep Plum)
    0529568: RM-133 CUST.TRX FRANCE (Deep Plum)
    0529569: RM-133 CUST.TRX ALPS (Deep Plum)
    0529602: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 2 (Deep Plum)
    0529603: RM-133 CUST.TRX TURKEY (Deep Plum)
    0529604: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Deep Plum)
    0529605: RM-133 CUST.TRX SCANDINAVIA (Deep Plum)
    0529606: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALTIAN (Deep Plum)
    0529607: RM-133 CUST.TRX RUSSIAN (Deep Plum)
    0529608: RM-133 CUST.TRX UKRAINE (Deep Plum)
    0529609: RM-133 CUST.TRX CIS (Deep Plum)
    0529780: RM-133 CUST.TRX HUNGARY (Deep Plum)
    0529781: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALKANS (Deep Plum)
    0529782: RM-133 CUST.TRX GREECE (Deep Plum)
    0529784: RM-133 CUST.TRX LEBANON (Deep Plum)
    0529785: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Deep Plum)
    0529786: RM-133 CUST.TRX ISRAEL (Deep Plum)
    0529787: RM-133 CUST.TRX ROMANIA (Deep Plum)
    0529789: RM-133 CUST.TRX ISRAEL (Met Red)
    0529790: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Met Red)
    0529792: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 2 (Met Red)
    0529793: RM-133 CUST.TRX TURKEY (Met Red)
    0529794: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALKANS (Met Red)
    0529795: RM-133 CUST.TRX UKRAINE (Met Red)
    0529796: RM-133 CUST.TRX GREECE (Met Red)
    0529797: RM-133 CUST.TRX CIS (Met Red)
    0529799: RM-133 CUST.TRX HUNGARY (Met Red)
    0529801: RM-133 CUST.TRX ROMANIA (Met Red)
    0529803: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Met Red)
    0529804: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALTIAN (Met Red)
    0529805: RM-133 CUST.TRX FRANCE (Met Red)
    0529806: RM-133 CUST.TRX ALPS (Met Red)
    0529807: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Met Red)
    0529809: RM-133 CUST.TRX SCANDINAVIA (Met Red)
    0529810: RM-133 CUST.TRX LEBANON (Met Red)
    0529811: RM-133 CUST.TRX RUSSIAN (Met Red)
    0537287: RM-133 CUST.TRX BELARUS MOLDOVA (Met Red)
    0537288: RM-133 CUST.TRX BELARUS MOLDOVA (Deep Plum)


    0526139 Euro1 Alps Black-Silver
    0526144 CT Russian Black-SIlver
    0526147 Russian CIS
    0532348 Generic Europe Swap

    N76 RM-135

    0534909 APAC 1 Black
    0542706 APAC 1 Red
    0543059 Finland Black
    0543066 APAC 2 Australia Red
    0543072 APAC 2 Australia Black
    0543076 Vietnam Black
    0543079 Vietnam Red
    0543087 APAC 2 India Red
    0543090 APAC 2 India Black
    0543100 Thailand Red
    0543101 Thailand Black
    0543108 APAC 1 Singapore Black
    0543109 APAC 1 Singapore Red
    0543110 APAC 1 Malaysia Red
    0543111 APAC 1 Malaysia Black
    0543112 APAC 2 Indonesia Red
    0543113 APAC 2 Philippines Red
    0543114 APAC 2 Philippines Black
    0543116 APAC 2 Newzealand Red
    0543117 APAC 2 Newzealand Black
    0543118 APAC 2 Indonesia Black
    0550463 Vodafone UK Black Finland

    N80 RM-92

    0529378 Euro1 Smooth Stainless
    0529381 Euro1 Pearl Black
    0522206 FRANCE Smooth Stainless
    0526959 ALPS Smooth Stainless
    0526961 TURKEY Pearl Black
    0526963 SOUTH AFRICA Smooth Stainless
    0526965 TURKEY Smooth Stainless
    0526966 SCANDINAVIA Smooth Stainless
    0526967 BALTIAN Smooth Stainless
    0526969 RUSSIA Smooth Stainless
    0526970 UKRAINE Smooth Stainless
    0526971 CIS, BULGARIA Smooth Stainless
    0526972 EURO 3 Smooth Stainless
    0526973 BALKANS Smooth Stainless
    0526974 GREECE, CYPRUS Smooth Stainless
    0526975 LEBANON Smooth Stainless
    0526976 GULF Smooth Stainless
    0526978 ROMANIA Smooth Stainless
    0527391 FRANCE Pearl Black
    0527392 ALPS Pearl Black
    0527396 SOUTH AFRICA Pearl Black
    0527397 SCANDINAVIA Pearl Black
    0527475 BALTIAN Pearl Black
    0527476 RUSSIA Pearl Black
    0527477 UKRAINE Pearl Black
    0527478 CIS, BULGARIA Pearl Black
    0527479 EURO 3 Pearl Black
    0527480 BALKANS Pearl Black
    0527481 GREECE, CYPRUS Pearl Black
    0527482 LEBANON Pearl Black
    0527483 GULF Pearl Black
    0527485 ROMANIA Pearl Black
    0529378 EURO 1 Smooth Stainless
    0529379 EURO 2 Smooth Stainless
    0529380 EURO 2 Pearl Black
    0529381 EURO 1 Pearl Black
    0536095 MOLDOVIA, BELARUS Smooth Stainless
    0536096 MOLDOVIA, BELARUS Pearl Black

    N91 RM-43

    0523183 Euro1


    0534841 EURO1 - Sand
    0534842 FRANCE
    0534843 ALPS
    0534844 EURO2
    0534845 TURKEY
    0534847 SCANDINAVIA
    0534848 BALTIAN
    0534849 RUSSIAN
    0534850 UKRAINE
    0534851 CIS, Bulgaria
    0534852 EURO3
    0534853 BALKANS
    0534854 GREECE, CYPROS
    0534857 ISRAEL
    0534833 SINGAPORE

    0536062 EURO1 - Plum
    0536063 FRANCE
    0536064 ALPS
    0536065 EURO2
    0536066 TURKEY
    0536068 SCANDINAVIA
    0536069 BALTIAN
    0536070 RUSSIAN
    0536071 UKRAINE
    0536072 CIS, Bulgaria
    0536074 EURO3
    0536075 BALKANS
    0536076 GREECE, CYPROS
    0536079 ISRAEL

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    Great thread,rep+ added.

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    THx man i tell it my friends who have a branded nokia
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    I've just found a list on a website with some other models...

    As asked in the website, I'm posting the link, instead of the table itself...

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    Hope you guys enjoy...

    One thing, Unbranding the firmware works as a SIM unlocking method?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dijinn Log in to see links
    One thing, Unbranding the firmware works as a SIM unlocking method?
    Firstly thankyou for adding more codes

    And the answer to your question is NO, it does not unlock the sim it takes away the restrictions some Service Providers apply to their branded phones.

  7. Default Nokia 6151

    m havng nokia 6151.
    I had flashed ma cell from a shopkeeper.
    As i had latest firmware,
    dat idiot flashed ma cel wid d branded software.
    N now m nt able to download softwares in my cell.
    So has he changed ma product code also?
    Can i gt another debranded product code for ma cell?
    I already have d latest firmware i.e 4.10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chughgopal Log in to see links
    m havng nokia 6151.
    I had flashed ma cell from a shopkeeper.
    As i had latest firmware,
    dat idiot flashed ma cel wid d branded software.
    N now m nt able to download softwares in my cell.
    So has he changed ma product code also?
    Can i gt another debranded product code for ma cell?
    I already have d latest firmware i.e 4.10.

    If you have the latest firmware, i would not worry about it, secondly in regards to not being able to download any more, just check the settings again, when the phone was flashed it probably set the phone back to original security settings.

    First thing to do is;

    Menu>Tools>Application Manager
    then press <options> button, select <settings> ,
    enable all software installation and disable online certif. check.

    Hope this helps you out.

  9. Default Nokia software updator installation failed!

    whn me attemped to install Nokia software updator thn following message shown

    Installation operation Failed

    The system cannot find the file specified.

    plz tel me what i ve to do.

    Thank u!
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    How long will hv take

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