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    AT&T (Cingular)

    Razr V3XX.

    Ill be your hampster.

    Give me an exercise wheel.
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  2. Default Beta tester

    If you are still doing it, I'm game.

    Cingular, Sony Ericsson W810i.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Log in to see links
    We are currently seeking beta testers / volunteers to test MMS delivery of our free content to major US networks such as Verizon, Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobile.

    If you are a subscriber to any of the above networks (and it's MMS services - ie. Verizon's PIX service) and wish to assist in testing this system, please contact me.

    Beta testers will require a phone compatible with MP3 ringtones.

    Thank you for your support!
    i have a motorlola q from sprint and would also like to be a beta tester

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    ok i got a sph-8400 sprint

  5. Wink I'm Game!!!!

    Cingular Motorola L7

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    I'd like to be a tester. I have Verizon

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    count me in i have verizon lg vx8700

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    I have a t-mobile line too samsung t509

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    I don't think it is Verizon but Samsung that has done this. I also have this phone and there is currently no software out there that can download/upload anything to this phone I did find a web site [URL Removed] that you can send a text message to you phone and attach any mid file that you have on your PC to your phone. With Verizons free text to/from anyone this is good.
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    i'm on verizon moto krzr

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