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    i have a verizon lg env. and i'd try just about anything to get free ringtones in this phone thnx

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    i'd like to be a tester my phone is a N95-3 and i use T- Mobile service..

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    how can i help? I have a blackberry pearl 8100/t-mobile

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    I am new to this game and have been a gamer on all different consoles and would love to be able to test anything you send my way

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    I would be interested in testing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Log in to see links
    We are currently seeking beta testers / volunteers to test MMS delivery of our free content to major US networks such as Verizon, Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobile.

    If you are a subscriber to any of the above networks (and it's MMS services - ie. Verizon's PIX service) and wish to assist in testing this system, please contact me.

    Beta testers will require a phone compatible with MP3 ringtones.

    Thank you for your support!
    I'd like to help. I have verizon service and a samsung xv6800

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    I too have a Verizon EnV. Seems that they have shut down any options besides Wallpaper. I will be more than happy to help you crack this system. Just let me know.

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    i have the lg voyager for verizon and i can beta test for you

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    i'll help. i have a t-mobile dash

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    I have the Verizon enV an for the longest time i have been able to download tones from here an send them through yahoo as an attachment to my phone,but since i bought a new computer it wont allow me to anymore,but i can do this with other friends computers the same way,and it works,so i would like to help u test,send me a pm an let me know how i can help,thanks

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