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  1. Default like to be betta tester

    i would like too, mi cellphone is a sony ericsson Z525A, send me an email! Log in to see links

  2. Default

    Verizon service provider...LGVX5200 until 11/20/07 which I am able to do my long awaited 2 year upgrade. On 11/20/07 end of day PST will have new equipment still pondering on a couple. *however which ever one I decide will exceed far beyond the LGVX5200. I am interested as well is participating as beta tester..

  3. Smile hi

    I would like to help.. I have a sony ericsson z310a with cingular/at&t my email is Log in to see links

  4. Default

    i would like to help 2, i have a sony ericsson W850i

  5. Default

    I have the VX8550 the new chocolate on verizon and i would like to help.

  6. Default

    Lg fusic on sprint network

  7. Default

    blackjack on at&t network, willing to help.

  8. Cool

    i wanna test some thing too...
    nokia 6133
    unlocked... i use on multiple networks
    i have alotta memory

  9. Default

    I have verizons chocolate I m willing to help

  10. Default I Would Like To Help

    I Have N73 Music Edition
    I Would Like To Help

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