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  1. Default Sony Ericsson - White Screen of Death

    Hey guys,

    just a word of warning!!!

    I suffered the infamous SE white screen of death due to accidently pulling the usb cord out of my w810i after transfering files from my pc. Whatever you do make sure you safely disconect your phone....

    The white screen of death is a flashing white screen and your phone will not work, had to send it back, but luckily my provider sent me a new phone the next day!! only had it for a few days tho!!

    Apparantly quite a common bug that SE has not sorted out....

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    ive encountered the white-flashing screen problem myself. what ive learned is that the phone reboots itself whenever the white-flashing occurs. it flashes about 4 times then reboots, maybe a bug on the OS, but it aint broke,. ^_^

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    To Cure the problem the phone needs to be flashed or unlocked via cable etc so that the phone is restored to factoy settings

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    w 850 doesnt start ...white screen comes ....

    i read somewer to update d software of my phone...

    bt wen i try 2 update it using s.e update service it shows ' ur phone already has d latest software"

    now is der any way 2 update my phone or get out of my problem...pls help....

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    Use XS++ to reflash it then.

  6. Question

    Quote Originally Posted by tekina View Post
    Use XS++ to reflash it then.
    Whats reflash??

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    Replacing firmware, or
    MAIN, FS and CUSTPACk specifically

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    ever since i had my phone i always just pull out the USB and i've never had a problem.
    so i guess i'm lucky
    but i'll disconnect i properley from now on
    thanks for the warning

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    I have the same problem with my W300
    I have done everything to bring it back but nothing...

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    i had the same problem because i flashed the menu. i resolved the problem with seus: i reinstaled the software-i had the last software...first i took out the sim and the m2 card for safety :d

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