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  1. Default Help on SGH G600

    Sory if my post is out topic but i badly needed it..

    How can i install games on samsung SGH G600. I already copy the files on phone memory other files and it displayed "invalid jar files".

  2. Default

    I need a tutorial and info on how to install games on a T919 (Behold)
    thank you!

  3. Default

    hey karl do u know code for d900i

  4. Question Samsung E590: Install Error


    I'm loving hunting down games more than actually playing them... for the E590

    ...but only if they here's my question:

    I sometimes get an "install error" when I try to upload the jad files via usb cable...what does this mean?

    Is it the wrong screen res or size? What's the correct screen size for the E590 anyways? the 240x320 works most of the time...but the games don't really fit...too big...

  5. Default install games

    what is the install code for a jad & jar game on a T919 (Behold)
    thank you

  6. Default jar

    hi all when i download the games they dont have the jar file insede the rar how can i fix that?

  7. Default

    hello there

    it worked for me the first time, but then something wrong with my usb and my mobile cant connect with pc. Any help?

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  9. Default help

    How do i download game to a sidekick(2008)? Help please

  10. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by plyrdan10 Log in to see links
    hey! i did it! it works for me men. thnks to the one who made the instructions and apps! =)
    #*536963# does not work with my e250

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