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    Sticky: problem downloading softwares like X-Plore.

    Hi duds can anybody help me out of dis problems?when trying to download the sofwares X-Plore etc i was told is not supported,my fon is Nokia E63.:thumbsup:
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    Hi guys!!! It took me some days b4 i revisite dis...

    Hi guys!!! It took me some days b4 i revisite dis site & ppl 're waiting 2 get d code 4 MTN free surfing,if dat d case? U can e- mail me 2 shanshani202 it's gmail nt yahoo, i'll give u full...
  3. Settings for Nokia E63?

    plz i need settings to be able to dowanload a sofwares & Videos free,now i was able to browse freely without downloads & Videos wit Opera 4.4 ' 4.3 & 4.2 Multi Operator,i'm usin yahoo wit my e-mail...
  4. What is the settings for my Nokia E63 through d web browser?

    I need d settings for d web browser, coz i was able to browse freely wit Opera 4.2 Multi Operator also wit Om 4.3 & 4.4 ,i'm using MTN Nigeria,d on problem is dat i can'n download a software or view...
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    MTN free browsing...

    You have to download an Opera Mini (Multi Ope..) V4.4 then adjust the settings 1st select Custom 2, set the proxy Server.I,ll give in detail after u made 1st step.byeeeee......
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