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  1. Design Your Own Custom Greeting Card & Share Via WhatsApp, Facebook & Email in 5 Minu

    People love to wish and receive wishes. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, Special occasions or just to share a thought, people send and receive messages, cards with each other. As email, mobile...
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    Hey buddy, I ThotOfU !!

    Have you been thinking of your friends or loved ones lately? You just wonder how long it has been since you met or spoke. Did you get lost in a wonderful memory, then don't reduce yourself to just...
  3. [FREE][APP] Why listen to songs, when you can watch them!

    Fond of listening to songs, but wonder if you could make a playlist for the same. We noticed that, and we bring 'Filmi Filmy' to you to cater to your needs.

    Announcing - Our new app "Filmi Filmy"...
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    latest news from India in Hindi

    Were you born in Kolkata but work in Delhi or Mumbai? Or work in Gurgaon and miss the local news from Chennai?

    Are you an living abroad and not able to catch up with news from India? Do you long...
  5. [FREE][APP] Announcing new version of inTube: Now with support for Movie Trailers

    Pariksha Labs, is pleased to announce a new version of its popular app "inTube - Watch Indian Films" with support for movie trailers.

    inTube has over 6000 downloads in 65+ countries. Consumers...
  6. [FREE][APP] ThotOfU: Gift, Share Fun Pictures with Friends via FaceBook by Parikshala

    From Here On Communications & Pariksha Labs announce “ThotofU” – a social app for Gifting and Sharing Fun Pictures and Thoughts with Friends via Facebook

    ThotOfU,a stylized form of “Thought Of U”...
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