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    Sony Ericson Game Backup

    I have the Sony Ericsson C905

    i was wondering if i can backup my games files from my phone and if their was a way which i can install the games for my phone from my computer so i dont have to take...
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    LG TU330 custom ringtones?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I just picked up a new LG TU330 phone from Rogers (here in Canada) and I have transferred some of my old custom ring tones (mp3 files) from my previous phone (via the...
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    Help LG Rumor will not accept ring tones

    Posting in this area as well in hopes of getting this answered, as it has been driving me nuts all day.

    I was directed here from another forum and hope yall can be of some help.

    I recently...
  4. LG Rumor Touch for VM How to get ringtones on phone

    I was reading on here about how to email yourself and stuff and I put everything together like this. Use to upload and create a best ringtones for yourself and make it 30 seconds or...
  5. How To: Ringtones on LG Cookie Plus (GS500g)

    It was so easy it foiled me for two days...I was trying my hardest to get into the filesystem but sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

    1. Plug in the supplied usb cable, select "pc suite"...
  6. Seeking stock/default ringtone for LG EnV2 VX9100

    I've moved on to a different phone finally, and I've gotten all of my custom mp3 ringtones that I want copied to my new phone. However, there are a couple of default ringtones on the EnV2 VX9100 that...
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