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  1. Default themes on c905 missing, anyone have backups?

    Imagine my surprise when I go to change the theme on my c905a and find the default themes missing! So I'm wondering if anyone has backups of the original themes that came on the c905a and if so,...
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    Ringtones on Rogers LG Xenon

    i uploaded the lg pc suite 2 cd that came with my xenon (gr500r) and i have tried the method for the TU720 as i also have it.

    the only way that seems to work so far is to transfer them to the...
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    LG Encore gt550 Ringtone Problem

    I am new to the forum and hope you can help me with a ringtone problem.

    I have always had the latest and greatest cell phones, iPhone, Android and Windows. Since I retired, and having both a...
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    LG C1300 Default Ringtone Memory Question

    Hey, I'm quite experienced with getting stuff to and from vx6000. But my friend just got a c1300 and I love the MIDI ringtones that come on it. The names are like LG Theme, Network, Machine...
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    How to get ringtone on my LG revere

    I have a lg revere model with Verizon wireless and I am trying to be able to get a ringtone. Verizon said I was unable to on that model. Is there anywhere else I can get a ringtone? And if yes, how...
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