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    Actually I have not translated those games. I found them on various foreign websites, and uploaded here . Sorry I can't help you here
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    which one? epub or jar?
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    hi bro i have added s40v3 version for medal of honor try it
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    sorry to hear MGGB crashed.
    This may happen sometimes.
    Try to select new game istead of resume game.
    This will not erase your save states,
    it will be like you reseted the gameboy.

    If it doesn't work the first time, try it again.
    Still not: reset your mobile, remove the battery for a few seconds.
    You cannot do anything wrong ;-)

    ps: I couldn't even open the game on my phone :-p
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    if you are wondering how to play GBA games, here it is:
    -still not possible for mobiles!
    -use computer program 'VisualBoyAdvance'.
    -go to
    it's in Dutch, but I'll run you trough it.
    -when the window is open, you see a gameshark image and to the left a bleu image with "GBA emulator" on it.
    -sroll down and you'll see a link in the same subwindow as the image is.
    klick on the link: -> "Gba emulator TIP!"
    -now it's in Engish xD
    wait for 3 or 5 seconds and klick on 'download'.
    This cannot take long (it's only 1.32 Mb)

    If you want games you do the same but you scroll down a bit.
    A lot of games are listed here, incuding megamen battle network and pokemon ruby, sapphire,...

    When you have downloaded it all and you still have questions on how to install it all, don't hesitate to mail me on my account ;-)

    hope you enjoy VisualBoy
    See ya
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    Hey: I've found what you requested.
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