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  1. Hi! yes, it's okay. I'll try them. You could send me the links of the games if you will.
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    would you mind testing a few touchscreen games for me.. i dont have a ts phone anymore and i have these games, probably modified... so i need to test them on a mobile
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    well, i got those games from another forum, so its like the same thing

    one more thing, when you answer to my message, click View Conversation or reply on my page, so i can see it sooner
  4. O right. I'll see what i'm going to do! Nice that you don't mind about it. When i have the time, i'll change it.

    Also a happy new year to you!
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    dont worry about it...
    you can put thanx to apoteka, but i dont mind, these game are meant to be shared

    oh and
  6. Yes you are right! Sorry that i write back now, and not earlier. Why I didn't use your links? That's because i have a really big .rar file on my computer with a lot of UIQ3 games but without screenshots en information about the game.

    If u want, i'll change the links, your links and put in all the posts: thanks to apoteka?

    Hopefully you don't dislike me now. But I wanted to help those people

    And to be honest, i forget to put your name in the posts cause i searched through the internet and if i saw some info or screenshots i copied it.

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    i see my uiq games ended up on ipmart... good, that means i dont have to

    although, you could have used my links
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