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    People; the latest news says that the eBook forum will reopen as soon as it is 'cleansed' of offending files. But let's get one thing straight. Files can no longer be hosted on this site. It will be more like a message board. How the details are worked out remains to be seen, but if you want to continue to share you'll have to do it via a host site. So prepare. Get yourself a free account with a host. And this time, please, be more discreet. Pack the epub into an archive (zip or rar), rename the file so nobody can guess what is contained within, upload them to the host and save your link addresses and info on a textfile. Then you simply share the link, be that on post, or using PM's or eMail. The PM or Mail option allows you to choose whom you share with. In other words; you only share with people you actually know to be safe. Let's face it: every file can be traced. It's just a question of effort. The only thing we can do is make it so difficult and expensive to locate every single file that it simply isn't cost effective to do so. So let's try do it like that. Let's hide the real thing in a lot of descriptions, discussions and images and stop publishing pagelong lists of author names and bestseller lists that can be collected easily on Google. If they really want it, they still can get it. But they'll have to work for it; they have to follow the tracks to every single link and download the file themselves to be sure of what they've actually got. If every book will cost them U$ 100.- to find .... well, figure it out yourselves. Just let us get 20'000 up there. We can get this back together, but we'll need to be a bit more constructive about it.

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    why are you deleting your account? Did you get in trouble?
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    Just wanted to add my thanks to you for ur uploads! I wish you the best ~
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    Hi! Also wanted to chime in to thank you for the many uploads you had of FREE books. Any idea of a new site we can go to for shared books?
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    Im getting angsty with no book forum to read lol
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    Thank you for your generous uploads and willingness to share books as books are my passion as well.
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    hi arefin. im sure you heard or seen by now that it looks like many of the threads have been shut down. really too bad. thanks for everything you shared with all, esp. with me. keep in touch. ill PM you with my email address. maybe we'll come across each other at another forum. dont know of any, but i'm sure there are lots of others out there that i could hopefully come across. take care.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for what you do here. I know things got pretty heated on the thread recently, and I'm sure--or at least I hope--people regret some of the things they said. Sadly, it looks like it's about over for all of us now that uploading is no longer allowed in the requests thread. I feel I've contributed nothing, but all my books are in mobi. By the time I do a convert, someone else has already filled the request. You've helped me out a couple of thanks.
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    I would rather let things go as I do admire what you do in the forum with the tools you have. I do have a restaurant and staff but with this ecomony it makes no money, so like your self I have to come to the forum for new things to read as I can read a book a day plus work.
    Any ways Friends for now? and I shall rep you heaps as you do deserve it. I am quite willing to share and do whenever I can. Problem is I get beaten to the punch by faster forum posters.
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    Thank you so much! I have already downloaded it.
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