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    HI! I used a few of your uploads in the past and wanted to personally thank you! I am so upset that the free ebooks forum is gone. Is their any other forum we can obtain books from for free? I
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    Hi what happened to the Free ebooks app had been removed are they going to bring it back or is it permanent.
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    Just wanted to add my thanks to you for ur uploads! I wish you the best ~ Take Care ~
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    A really big reward should be a huge raw bone. I know my dog loves those more than
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    Thanks a lot for all that you've done on the forum...laughter, sharing, helping, etc. Just a personal note to express my grattitude. I would give you a very large bone if only postal sevices accepted such items...
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    Thanks a lot for all that you have done,said,shared...It's been a pleasure knowing you....hope you consider me a friend..take care
  7. Crap! Back to zero!

    OK troopers, back to the drawing board. The book section may or may not be back, even as a message board, it was too good to last.

    On the other hand, we all got some pretty good stuff while it lasted, let's not be a bunch of ingrates and forget to say thanks to the admins and mods, and specially try to blame anyone but ourselves, we all got too greedy.

    For those of you that have my email address feel free to contact me if you need some help, or if you're beyond help, at least some assistance. For those of you that don't have my email address, send me a PM and I'll get back to you.

    I have a stomach flu. Gotta run.
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    You know it, baby! And since I'm the soul of discretion (I'm looking pious and innocent right now), I won't say how many Snausages I had to put out ...I mean hand out to get this promotion.
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    I know, you're such a brave puppy!

    I only mentioned it when she was searching for a couples counselor. I also s***ested Jerry Springer. I then came to my senses and realized no one could rein in such massive dogginess.

    If we ever meet in the backyard the snausages are on me, my friend!
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    Hi Zackddog what you busy with your end of the world. Debs
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