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  1. I`ve emailed you the screenshots x x x
  2. no problem,ill do some screenshots then you will see where they go x x
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    Hey, yes i just checked and i received it.
    Thank you very much, i am gonna check them out a bit later and try to figure out which one is going where exactly though.
    By a quick peek to them, they look pretty cool.
    I appreciate it my friend.
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    Hey, sure, thank you very much.
    I appreciate it.
    I just sent you a private message.
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    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !
    Happy Holidays !

  6. hi I`m back!!!
  7. Have to say, love the new mobile site!
  8. Had my hair done now it's raining and freezing so too cold to go out... Not happy!
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    Enjoy the weather Maggie.. We had an awful grey cold and rainy Sunday here
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    Oh no Maggie you're not a child cause I would have done the same if the sea was a little bit nearer! I feel the same with theming I have a big problem as I have no motivation.. Impossible to find a picture I really want to work with... Better enjoying the beautiful weather with Niahm than spending time in front of computer no?
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hi and welcome to my , I make themes for go launcher ex and love theming,if i can help anyone I surely will!

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