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    hai fraziel

    hahaha yes maastricht is in the south of netherlands i life in the middle of netherlands and i have tulips in my backyard hahahaha really dutchy hahaha so maastricht and tulips remind u of me gnagnagna ure funnie btw im doing fine its weekend so always a good thing how are u doing

    have a nice weekend till next time byebye
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    Ah, i take it you've finished your exams.

    I hope you have a great vacation my friend
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    I'm good thanks, how are you?
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    I'm laffing coz u told me to wait n den ur askn me how i knew..... it would help if u told me wot u were referring to wen u sed how did i
    Bless ur little cotton
    If u don't want any1 to read ur problem den pm me otherwise ur ok to write on me page.
    Till den u take it ezi
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    Hey Ferdi..... Thats good news that things r ok again and you can again.

    Oh wot a plumb, ha ha yes Deadman did them I feel silly now

    Thanx for the pic it made me lol.

    Where do you get ur pics from I go to photobucket or

    Do you have any siblings??
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    Hi Fraziel, thanks for the visit
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    Hey bro! How are ya? & how did the exam go?

    Is it over??
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    Hey Hi Fraz, yes Id love to come over to ur place ha ha . But for now just blow the hot weather over here lol.

    About ur parents fighting. Hope things ok now. Me well I am ok, just tired really, working too hard ha ha . It pays the bills tho eh??

    Me and u did roughly the same in the quiz, btw I liked you illutions, I saw them the other day and left you a comment .
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    Always hungover from the weekend, my head not right, well it never is right

    But it hurts my body feels dead, and its the start of the week , thats why i hate mondays , you ?

    Yep, just try an improve your score each week, obviously depends on the questions but its the taking part that counts
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    With you saying page, ive just realised how crap mine looks lol.

    Not that good, hate mondays, worse day of the week.

    Well done on the quiz, you did better.
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