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    how do i convert epub format to jar? plz plz reply...
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    Hey again..!
    I was wondering if you have
    (Vampire Beach #2)-Initiation By Alex Duval
    Ritual (Vampire Beach #3) by Alex Duval
    I will be very gratefull!!
    Thankx in Advance
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    Hi Tracy here, do you have any links you would share.. Thanks..
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    Can you plzz...pm me the links to other e-book sites ?
    I would very much appreciate it.
    Thanks in Advance..!
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    do u have chick lit books by any chance?
    cud u also give me links fo other sites which have them? thanks
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    Thank you!!
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    Hi, If you could, I would like the last 3 books by Joel Rosenberg,
    Inside the Revolution (2009) (non-fiction)
    The Twelfth Imam (2010) (novel)
    The Tehran Initiative (2011) (novel)
    Thank you.
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    Can you plzz...pm me the links to other e-book sites ?
    I would very much appreciate it....!!
    Thanks in Advance..!
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    Hi, I know we did not talked before , but I am new to this site and I just got an e-reader about a month ago and really did not had a chance to get acquainted with anybody before all this copyright issue had occurred. So just like tasuzzy, please help me get the books I love so much. I can not believe it took me so long to get an e-reader and now there is no way to borrow e-books.
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    hey wud u provide me with links....please...i loved the ebooks and now i dont have any idea how to work about getting books...please you have to help me...its a request from one book lover to another
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I asked for my account to be deleted. I Think mobiles24.com has become a playground for some mods who bcoz they can't take a fair point or reply from other users they use their powers.i got an infraction for nothing, i asked for a second opinion from silver and he also said that i should not have got that infraction.i then reported it to karl about that "NATURAL MISTAKE" but even after 4 weeks i have not got a single reply.i know he is busy but when he can check M24 daily then he could have at the least replied me.but there was never a reply, so i got the message from his lack of communication that nothing will be done for my complaint, and i can't be in a community where such bullies are around and nothing is done to prevent it.i think i would rather be elsewhere than this ungrateful website.probably this post will also be deleted.Adieu My friends here and foes too.

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