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    Thanks for reply
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    I am using mobile24 from a year and i am facing problem in section of symbian s60v3&5 due to its not sepate. While downloading a game and apps from this section most of game and apps not supported in phone because its not compatible to my phone due to unseparate section of s60v3 and s60v5 and lack of discription by uploader. So plz separate section and make it conveneace to downloader without any tension of wether is compatible or not.
    And also make discription field compulsory to uploader to describe app's or game's compatibility and requierment. I hope active team of mobiles24 must work something in this direction to increase conveniency in downloading
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    Enjoyed alladin,u got good taste in music. Wots the storey with no xperiaS???
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    Delighted to get a free sling player. There is a problem with galaxy s3. The phone vibrates in sync with audio. Shut off all vibration alerts but still vibrates. Any bugfix available? Thanks
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    thanks for a quick response
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    ok i don't know if u actually manage this site, but when our uploads sit for a long time, i personally don't like to visit this site anymore u need to keep ppl attn and interest! i hope u will understand..
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    Ok, I'll ask here first ~

    Is there a way to identify which of my apps were dl'd? I see the number but not which ones.

    Also, how/when do premium apps get uploaded, i.e., do we have to reach a certain "status"?

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    please delete my account, I do not want more, you can see I'm not posting anything in a while, please, a moderator or the creator of the site can do this?
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    Am I allowed to promote myself participating in a charity event ( 10k run ) on m24?
    Please say yes I'm running it as my first ever race and in memory of my father who passed away on the 4th of June.
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    i am missing 3 uploads, i had 101 and now i have 98 where did my 3 uploads go , if they are ringtones then i create them and i have originals too.. please could you look into it, thanks
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