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    please update the link for unlock all mobile phones software or pm me a link thanks!!
  2. lol i dont realy like manchester united, thought i would just be different & i bought mine on vodaphone payg and it has a small red square at the tom seyin 3G+ init, yeah its a class phone, does actualy fill all my needs
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    Haha ur from manchester but support liverpool..what happened there dude lol.
    Does it say it in top corner..mine dont it just a G. And H sometimes but i got mine on O2 payasyougo from phones4u the thing is its not in o2shop yet..thinkin maybe am not getting the network. Top phone tho innit.
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    Do you get 3g on your w595 dude.. and btw liverpool f**king shite.
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    Hi nice to meet u.....i have some liverpool screensavers up load on here let me know if you like them....
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    hi there i just want to meet you in person
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    Defo will..cant wait to check out the motion senser games either..already have games ready
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    Ok thanks for info..sounds good from alot of reviews. Like the w910 but without the bugs.
    Ive ordered it should come next couple days.
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    dude heard you have the w595.. whats it like..getting it wkend
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    sorry i'm late but best of luck for your exams josh
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