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    True... The whole Adobe Creative Suite is complicated.

    I will probably have to do it after my sem ends... I will have 2 months to explore and try making something then.

    I don't know... Photoshop may be complicated for GIFs but I find it easier for still images.
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    It's complicated indeed.

    Maybe I should install GIMP just to do GIFs.
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    Well, I know Photoshop has some functions to do animated stuff... but I doubt there's an animation package in it.

    And I don't even know how to use the animation function on Photoshop.
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    I've been downloading them for quite a while now.

    Anyway, love that animated signboard on your profile! I wish I can make one like that.
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    That's awesome! Enjoy the game!

    Guess you don't download cracked games much.
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    Nope, the crack in the Skidrow folder which comes together with the new Update 6.
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    Hmmm... if you have Steam on your laptop, try uninstalling that.

    And did you copy everything in the crack folder to the game folder? Coz on a torrent site, I found this comment:

    "Everyone who currently have the error that looks something like this when you run the game "error 5:0000065434"
    After you have mounted and installed the game you have to open the mounted picture, there's a SKIDROW folder on the CD with crack, just copy and overwrite the exe files into your installation folder
    Happy hunting! "
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    Strange... What error did you get? And did you launch it from the game launcher or Fallout Mod Manager?

    No I don't. Don't use it at all.
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    Hmmm... Have you updated the game to the latest patch before putting on the DLC?
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    Yeah, better start saving up
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