Apocalypse Believers

  1. ppprat007
    So wat do u ppl think??
    Asteriod strike or nuclear war???
    i pesonally go with alien invasion.
  2. nisx91
    No... all your theories are wrong...
    I'm going to kill you all.

    I am the King of the World


    Kiss my feet you peasants!
  3. the_dead_man
    in your dreams minion, thy time has come, 18-0 nisxrip....
  4. tekina
    dunno what you guys are talking about......but I joined because i love Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  5. nisx91
    Yes... nisx is going to RIP your guts out...
  6. tekina
    in your dreams
  7. lazyitus
    It's an unorthodox theory people (but one i believe to come true in less than 50 years)-i believe the end of the world is gonna come about when we've basically run out of fossil fuel,not an issue power wise but we won't be able to make PLASTIC-think about it people no more electronic parts for anything!no plastic cases for anything!(phones ,computers,tv's etc)the world will go back to the middle ages!!!!! NO more electronics,NO decent waterproofing=dark+scary place.
  8. nisx91
    I don't quiet understand your No Polymerization without Fossil Fuel theory. In any case its quite ridiculous. It makes me feel that you stopped studying after primary school.
  9. tekina
    to add to nisx's comment, why would the world end? Just because no more plastic (which is not going to happen anyways)??
  10. nisx91
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