1. Joshua_pohan
    Let's talk about photshop here. Let's hope that photoshop experts on this site are willing to share their knowledge to noobs such as myself
  2. Joshua_pohan
    I wonder where are all the others photoshoppers on this site
  3. t-mac2008
    i'm not photoshoper but i heard for free adobe version but seem cannot find it any help
  4. nisx91
    i dont know about any free version of Ps but if you want a full version i can give you the links for it
  5. Joshua_pohan
    I also own the pirated version. Now I have adobe photoshop cs4 on my laptop. Btw how do you open animated gifs on cs3? I was only able to open and edit animated gifs on imageready
  6. nisx
    i dont think you can edit animated gif in Photoshop, it usually opens only one frame of the file... though i'm not very sure because i rarely use photoshop (i normally use the GIMP)
  7. Joshua_pohan
    Does GIMP have the same feature as photoshop?
  8. nisx91
    in general both have a lot of common features

    i personally prefer the GIMP because its totally free and has all features that you'll probably ever need (unless you're a professional)
  9. t-mac2008
    but what is GIMP can you show me the link
  10. nisx91
    The GNU Image Manipulation Program


    Its a powerful and very popular image editing software. You'll even get lots of tutorials to make cool stuff with it on the net (if you dont know how to use it yet)
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