twilight lovers

  1. queenbeelozza
    hey x so wot u think about twilight
  2. LARA1994
    KK just 2 words....
    Robert Pattinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Lauren if i was on this afternoon i would do the group)!!!!(u read my mings gal!!)
  3. poohpooh
    hey let make this the best twilight group ever haha who do u think that didnt play the role on twilight good, i think Kristen Stewart it's like she didnt care about the role if u read the book u see 2 diffrent bellas i think they should have asked someone else to play that role it didnt fit her, what do u think
  4. LARA1994
    Well since i havent read the book YET....i though that her role was like that that she doesnt care about anything........N yeah totally this must b the best group ewa!!!!!
    @Pooh - book n film r in usual very different just like Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. poohpooh

    girls u will loveeeeeeeeeeeee this

    yeah thats why i stick to the books because in films they cut to much wich is normal
  6. LARA1994
    Pooh i love the second pics that u gave on!!!!!

    KK i gotta just luw that vid!!!!
  7. poohpooh
    hey lara see that u have been busy haha luveeeeeeeeee the pictures haha
  8. LARA1994
    Yeah i been..i probably goona give em up some more....thanx.....
    So ladies which girl from Twilight u like the most?? I especally like Alice...
  9. poohpooh
    i like alice too she is such a warm personality
  10. LARA1994
    Yeah....n in the book shes the goin 2 library 2 get the new moon
    I cant wait.....
    N the bois.......kk Edwards cute...but i think i go 4 jasper...since in reality he has bday as same day as i do
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