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  1. Same to you too
  2. Thanks Aneeshman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. India playing well, hope to win world cup.
  4. Hi mate how is india doing in the world cup?
  5. We are Emperors in Cricket.
    We defeated Bangladesh in a huge margin at our first match in this world cup.
    I hope too Madrid will win
  6. Oh, yep cricket is a famous sport in your country.
    How is india doing then in the worldcup??

    Today Real madrid will play against Lyon in the champions l., i hope madrid will win.
  7. Sorry I Couldn’t watch it. Now I’m Spending time to see World cup cricket
  8. Thanks bro,
    Wow in April, then you have enough time to prepare.
    Did you watched the arsenal barca match, lol, was very happy that barca couldn`t win.
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