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  1. Hey Aneeshman, how r u?
  2. don't know, but my 3 ringtones got deleted without notification that is terrible! how are you? you got busy huh?
  3. Sorry for the belated reply. I was so busy on past days.
    Who deleted your ringtones from gallery...! What's the reason?
    How are you doing? Do you feel better now?
  4. well, about my ringtones, two of my uploads were simply deleted i have no clue which ones i had 101 and now i have 98 well i have stopped making ringtones for now, i have some health issues, restricted the use of headsets and without them i can't manage making better ringtones
    i am getting myself evaluated to see what's wrong,must be nerves becoz my ears are perfect, you tell how are you? and whats new
  5. i'm so addicted to angry birds, Cute and brilliant game
    What's about your new ringtones?
  6. i love angry birds, can play all day
  7. btw i see you are wally uploader and wow bunch of Themes hmmmm.. i will sneak in your gallery soon
  8. finally thanks for taking time to listen
    i have added few more Indian Ringtones, i have a bunch of Indian friends here and on other sites, who keep me posted with their music
    btw I hope you had fab. Holi must be fun i guess
    Take Care
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