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  1. Wow Vishay, its been years. Good to see you back. Hows it going?
  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  3. Not to bad thanks my kidney still f..ked but am getting by, and you? yeah noticed what up been busy?

    Man Utd are just going through a transitional period new manager etc. I dont really blame Moyes he needs time to build his own team. ill judge him end of season but results defo need to improve or he wont last it. Title has gone now i think but we have to get top 4.
  4. Hey Paul how are you doing man?
    Haven`t been here for some time.

    WTF is wrong with manchester united man, its the coward moyes who destroyed everything.
  5. Adios Madrid tonight mate.
  6. Haha. Its called tactics mate. Did a job had the better chances and could of won in the end. Its half time we have the advantage.. at home + away goal.
  7. Hey this site looks awesome!!!
    anyways haha, madrid will beat you guys easily at ot, united had all the players in the starting eleven still they were defending, but yeah van persie got some golden chances and de gea was at his best, but still I don`t see united winning that match,..
  8. We will beat you at OT mate.
  9. Thanks Vishay. Merry Christmas!
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