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  1. Happy slightly belated New Year J!
  2. I hope you'll get better soon.

    I'll check the story out when I have more time. Then listen to the song again. Thanks for sharing
  3. Not bad. Kinda ill. Again.

    Maybe. I can't really remember.
    There's a short story called The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury, and the song lyrics all link up with this story, and it gives the song a whole new meaning.
  4. Alright. And you?

    Not sure... is it about the thing you mentioned in Emil's social group?
  5. Hey J,
    How's things?

    Can't really remember if I've asked you this already, but you know deadmau5's song the Veldt? Have you seen/read the story behind it?
  6. It came out just recently.
    Well, you can check it out on YouTube. Full album is available. The title is "Album Title Goes Here"
  7. No! I didn't even know he had one!
    I'm broke anyways.
  8. Have you listened to mau5 new album? It's awesome!
  9. This is true.
    I might work on it more later in the week.
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