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  1. Well, programming does drive everyone ...
  2. Yours are even more cool
    Yes I know its not an easy course, I have friend undergoing IT too, he always looks.. Well, you know..

  3. Cool!

    I'm studying IT. Not an easy course.

  4. Wow, my mistake..
    Me too btw, I'm studying management
    How bout you?
  5. Me smart? That statement should be in the nonsense thread.

    Nope, I'm studying in uni now.

  6. Or, you were smart anyway..
    Btw, are you still in high school?
  7. Yeah... thanks but the paper was kinda easy anyway.

    Now I don't have another paper till Thursday.
  8. Whoaa, like being busy with your finals?
    What? Today is Sunday and you have and english paper to submit?
    Good luck with that..
  9. Hey there

    Well, I just came back after being out for almost the whole day.

    I have an English paper tomorrow though.
  10. Yo vivian..
    No going out in this saturday nite?
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