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  1. " Always in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing".

    These are not my words,these quotes by Abraham lincoln

    wish you good luck...
  2. Happy holiday for you mate..
    Yep, but tomorrow's exam is the hardest, I kinda worried..
    Wish me luck okay..
  3. My days are going better,now i'm enjoying summer vacation.
    I think after few days you will say good bye to Exams.
    Get ready for celebrating happy holidays...
  4. I'm good..
    And I'm doing my exams just fine I guess, I didn't have much confident at first though..
    How's your day?
  5. Hello,
    how is ur exam?
    Keep studying well...
  6. Thanks man..
    Good luck in your study too
    Btw, I'm studying Management
  7. I,m also studying mate
    Now i'm doing
    Don't worry
    Wish you good luck in ur exam
  8. I'm studying mate, I have my exam coming next week..
    How about you?
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