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  1. I have to go now Dustin, but please leave me some messages. ttfn
  2. Dustin, where is Banbury?
  3. Thnx buddy yer im 18 i get told i look alot youngre that i look bout
    16 baby face.
    nah its not a real tat its a stick on one i wish it was tho XD
  4. I love you new pics, but are you sure you are 18? You look younger to me.
    I didn't get to see them because the tickets had all sold out. The last gig I went to was John Mayer.
    Is that a real tatoo of the spiders web, or a henna?
  5. Paramore rock i love them
    did yall go see them at soundwave
    i got old photos with blonde hair that i might put up
  6. My favourite band is Counting Crows, but I am listening to Paramore alot.
    I hope you put more pics on here soon.
    What else do you like doing?
  7. Thnx i have heaps on the com.
    yall are realy pretty
  8. Mmmm,
    i like pop/punk rock and emo.
    what music do yall like.
  9. Nice to hear from you.
    I like your pictures
  10. Hey buddy XD
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