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  1. Thanks Luter!!
  2. Happy New Year Vishay

  3. [IMG]http://4.bp.********.com/_3WmQa2AfK9E/TQNoWulGdFI/AAAAAAAAAF8/5rGRL9Ib6uc/s1600/christmas_quotes_graphics_04.gif[/IMG]
  4. i really couldnt belive my eyes i thought that Real will win the match and Žoze Murinjo was very sure on his victory. I hope that they will move on after this Terrible lost although i dont feel sorry for them because they have the best players on the world and should won the match
  5. I don`t want to hear anything about R madrid, lol
    Well it was just embarassing, they couldn`t even score on goal.
    Thats why I changed my avatar.
  6. hey bro why did you changed your avatar of Real Madrid 5-0 what was Real thinking
  7. Thanks, +rep!!!!!!!!!
  8. hi mate thnx for the UNO Spin game rep
  9. Nope I am not angry!
  10. bro i hope that you aren angry anymore with me
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