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  1. Hi Aki im fine,and you are? how is the study going ,good i hope
  2. Hey thanx for the rep Mr.Gerrit!

    How are things?
  3. hi Aki im fine,hope you to
  4. Thanx for the rep Mr. Gerrit!

    Hope ur doing great!
  5. I'm good Mr. Gerrit. Thanx
  6. Hi Aki how are you everything ok ?
  7. Great keep it that way
  8. Student life's great!

    A lotta new friends. Good professors & lecturers. & great food too (at the uni)

  9. Hi Aki the weather here is fine some 18 celsius,no rain.

    btw: how is the student life ?
  10. Hey Mr. Gerrit!

    Thanx for the rep!

    So, hows the weather over there!

    Here its just rain rain, rain, all day long!
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