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  1. long time no see vampie boy
    hope all is will with you big brother
  2. hahahahah lucky u dude :p

    here it was snowing for two days but no luck on closing the roads damn it

    and dont worry i know i wasnt in touch for while but that doesnt mean u r not in my mind always
  3. We are warming up a little over here now, was really cold a few weeks ago, loads of snow and ice, i never got to work for 4 days, was snowed in and could not get the car out lol, Glad to hear that you are ok, and its good to hear from you again,
  4. hey bro

    sorry for the very late replay

    i wasnt here for while, good to hear thats all is done ,
    dont worry all ur hellos received well from martin , he is a good kid and i will get the cod5 so we can play togther more

    im ok still alive so far here, the weather is kinda bad too very cold and rainy
  5. Hi Joe, all is fine over here, loads of snow and very cold, I apologise for not stopping by, get on here and get caught up with other things , Martin tells me when he is talking with you on the PS3 and i always tell him to say hello. Hope that all is well and will catch up with you really soon.
  6. hey big bro !!!!!

    wass up r u ok ??? long time no see ???

    not even one heloo :,(

    is everything ok with you bro ???
  7. hey bro

    long time no see ???? is everything alright with you ???
  8. That sound great, the royal suite it is, do i get any chamber maids to assist me, but dont tell amanda Will be here, so you know where to find me little bro,
  9. hahaahhaahh dont worry about the suite you will get the Royal

    here its the same very cold and dry in the moring the cold goes stright to your bones damn it :,(

    hope to catch up soon big brother
  10. Hi Joe, hope all is well, we are all good over here, weather very cold, could do with a few weeks in the sun and that pool of yours. Just give me the VIP suite
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