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  1. I found rooting my x8 easy, took me 5mins then just installed a good rom. All i did was follow a tut.

    Cool am still in second season.
  2. Well I can't buy new one I just got this one year ago. Btw, I managed to play New Star Soccer, I finished 1st season with Croatian club named Sesvete, we were in 2nd divison but got promoted!
  3. Ahh, forgot about that as my X8 was rooted and was using a custom rom. I guess only way you could is to root it, or time to buy a new phone mate.
  4. When I read info before downloading I saw 2.2 Android, which would mean I can't play it.
  5. Cant see why not, try it mate. I uploaded to gallery or there's a thread on forum. I downloaded the sd data needed using wifi.
  6. Will it work on Xperia X8?
  7. Football Manager now on Android
  8. True mate, Alright I'll google and check if there's why to fix it, thanks for sharing the link!
  9. Yeah but graphics are crap, i mean not HD or anything, you wouldn't think it would take much to run on it. Just read some comments on the market and one said slow gameplay and crashes needed to be fixed, so maybe its a bug.
  10. I guess X8 is too weak for that game, after all, X8 is kind of old while this game is new.
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