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  1. I don't know what to do. but my source said that was a full+cracked version.
  2. Hi Hridoybd,i download Zombie Crisis 'ZC' from your post but at a certain point in the first level in the sewer with some zombies and rats when you want to leave the level you get some info where you need to put some data in,so i think it isnt a full vers.but the sms menu where you can buy ingame money and ammo weapens is cracked and is working it dont take money (after send sms) out of my prepaid account.So afterall its strange.p.s look at my post where i post some pictures of the place in the game where im stuck.Greetz Boyd
  3. Hi Hridoybd,thanks for updating my Zombie Crisis 2 post i had to little spare time to search for the full version,verry complete update (pics and diffrent vers. off the game)Greetzz from Boyd the Netherlands
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