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  1. You did call me an idiot.
    I would like to see your try at the 4D work, if you was going to buy the stuff i do in magazines and pepers there over 7 and the reason i didnt do your right away as it takes more time than others.
  2. don't call me an idiot, 'cause I didn't insulted you. and who am I speaking to, if I may ask? a super-human? as far as I can tell, we're both humans and we're equals. it's not about a time limit, the thing is that some other dudes posted AFTER me, and u did their requests like in a snap, and it's like I didn't even posted. no offense brought, but that was an insult for me. don't even do those shitty 4D things, 'cause I'm gonna learn how to do it myself. cheers and peace!

    *EDIT: "don't keep me waiting like an idiot"-literally, I called myself an idiot. hope that cleared things up a bit.
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