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  1. Ah Aki all about mobiles 24 based on a Mel Brooks comedy the message is whe maby "Men in tights" but dont mess with..................

    well with a study like this your probely come to Europe at some time,your welcome here in Amsterdam of course whe have a good "study " time here
  2. LOL! What's this "Men in tights" thing all about Mr.Gerrit?

    Well, I'm doing English, Sociology & WCC (Western Classics & Culture)
  3. Thanks Aki,what are you going to study ?
  4. Hey Mr. Gerrit!

    Thanx for the rep!
  5. That's ok Aki,and no seen nothing
  6. Hey ya Mr. Gerrit! Thanx for the rep!

    So, how are you? Watched any good westerns recently??
  7. WARM aki WARM
  8. Hey Mr.Gerrit!

    Thanx for the rep!:0

    So, how is life over there these days?
  9. Ah well Aki the aim of the game that there is only one left
  10. Hey Mr.Gerrit.

    Things are bad, really bad.

    England, USA & Mexico are all outta the World Cup!

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