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  1. Thanks Aki ,i think something From Tom clancy, or else a RTS game it ends when there is a winner
  2. That's cool!!! Good for u Mr.Gerrit! All the best & good hunting! So, How big the LAN party will be? & what will u guys be playing? COD4?
  3. That's ok Aki they are good, next week i go Lan Gaming wish me luck
  4. Thanx a lot for the rep Mr.Gerrit! Glad u like my trailers!
  5. yes i saw them
  6. Hey Mr. Gerrit! How are u? Doing good I hope? I guess u have already seen the Punisher & FIFA 2010 Trailers I've added? Tc!
  7. i saw them nice
  8. Hey Mr.Gerrit! 2 new trailers added to the gallery! TC!
  9. Yes a very good game story line a bit weak but for the rest ok i give it a 7
  10. Nope. I only have a 64 VGA! Too bad! Anyway, is it interesting Mr.Gerrit?
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