How to play demolishing monster truck game

Arrows = Move and maintain balance Space Jump Traverse each circuit doing as much damage as you can. The spectacular demolition feats give you bonus points that you can use to upgrade your truck. But beware! Keep the truck straight or the game will be over!

Monster Truck 4 4 Stunt Racer is very reminiscent of this game, but with simpler missions and shorter runs. The highlight here is the possibility of performing acrobatics in the air, to gain more points.

The game consists of achieving a good score to unlock new cars and new tracks. Besides the time, it is possible to make points giving the audience what she wants, a show.Jump over other cars, jump high, destroy obstacles in a fun casual game.

The commands differ from many other games of the genre, giving the player the option of controlling the car completely. It is even possible to miss stunts and fall off the track.

Monster Truck is the best truck racing game. Kids always dreamed of creating super-monster truck? Now you can in our truck game! you can build cars using easy tools buldup the leading famous race cars. our simple interface makes it easy for kids to play independently and bringing them simple yet fun and interesting gameplay! You're ready to stand behind the steering wheel of your custom 4x4 truck monster presents:

✔ designed specifically for children.

✔ Over 72 racing and monster body parts.

✔ lots of different parts.

✔ There are 30 super-levels to explore with your truck.

✔ for 1 to 5 years old!

Accelerate with your monster truck through different tracks. Be quick, picking up the extras to gain seconds and detonating obstacles. Accelerate as much as possible on ramps for greater traction. Try to catch the gold coin at each stage doing acrobatics and making fantastic leaps.