I apologize at the outset for the length of this post, but after reading other requests for assistance, I am making an effort to give as complete information as possible...

On the website, when I tried to download a wallaper using my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, I get the following error:

Error: Your request could not be precessed. Your IP address has downloaded too many files today. Please log in or register.

I was logged in, and had successfully downloaded 2 wallpapers. How many is too many? I cannot find any info on the site that describes a limit. I got this same error message yesterday, on my *first* attempt to download a wallpaper.

I then decided to try via computer. When I came to the website on my PC to try downloading the wallpaper (to transfer to my phone at a later time), I am presented with 2 download buttons. The first says "Send to phone... send wallpaper to mobile". When I try that one, it wanted to send a ringtone to my phone, not a wallpaper.

The second button says "Download this item... to your PC/mobile device". When I click on that, a box pops up with a QR scan code. Underneath the code graphic it says to use a QR scanner on your smartphone or tablet and download directly, or visit http://m.mobiles24.com/ and enter (# for that specific file).

When I go to that URL, the only search box on the opening page is to select your device. Once I do that, I can then go to the Wallpaper section. When I enter the number I had been given to download the specific wallpaper, it says "Your search for (specific #) Wallpapers returned 0 downloads."

I have tried the same process with other wallpaper selections. Each time the QR scan code box pops up and gives a different number, specific to that particular wallpaper, with the same URL to go to to enter that number. And each time I get a message that the given number returned 0 downloads.

I have tried using both the IE and Chrome browsers with identical results.

Any advice/assistance would be appreciated!