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    Default Freebord The Game [FREE]

    Freebord The Game is a FREE little game which allows you to snowboard on pavement with a skateboard!

    You can make huge jumps and sick tricks!
    Like this:

    Sure it can go wrong like this...
    or or

    But even if you fail, you can just restart and do sick stuff like this:

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    Check out the new update, now with better controls!
    Freebord The Game on Android ***FREE***

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    Next Patch for Freebord The Game on Android!!!
    * Improved Controls (Breaking)
    * Unlockable Levels
    Play Freebord The Game On Google Play

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    Mad Freebording the sequel of Freebord The Game is now available on Google Play for FREE:

    I have also opened a new Thread for it:

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